April 15-18, 2018
Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa
Carlsbad, CA

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Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
April 15, 2018

April 15-18, 2018
Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa
Carlsbad, CA

Member / Non Member
Welcome Reception (Sunday)
Opening Breakfast (Monday)
Educational Sessions (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
Reception (Tuesday)
Dregs Party (Wednesday)

Attend In-Person
NAEC Member Price:$630.00
Non-Member Price:$750.00
Additional Registration

Spouse / Guest
Welcome Reception (Sunday)
Opening Breakfast (Monday)
Reception (Tuesday)
Dregs Party (Wednesday)

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NAEC Member Price:$475.00
Non-Member Price:$575.00
Additional Tickets for Events Included in Full Registration

If you would prefer not to fully register your Spouse/Guest, you may purchase additional tickets for the social events they would like to attend. Please indicate below the additional tickets you would like to purchase. Please note that these events are included in the full registration packages above.  ** Children under 3 are free. **

Additional Opening Breakfast - Adult (Mon)
NAEC Member Price:$65.00
Non-Member Price:$90.00
Additional Welcome Reception Adult (Sun)
NAEC Member Price:$205.00
Non-Member Price:$230.00
Additional Reception - Adult (Tue)
NAEC Member Price:$70.00
Non-Member Price:$95.00
Additional Dregs Party - Adult (Wed)
NAEC Member Price:$190.00
Non-Member Price:$215.00
Additional Opening Breakfast - Child (Mon)
NAEC Member Price:$37.50
Non-Member Price:$62.50
Additional Welcome Reception Child (Sun)
NAEC Member Price:$115.00
Non-Member Price:$140.00
Additional Reception - Child (Tue)
NAEC Member Price:$40.00
Non-Member Price:$65.00
Additional Dregs Party - Child (Wed)
NAEC Member Price:$110.00
Non-Member Price:$135.00
Optional Ticketed Events

Only fully registered delegates may purchase optional tickets.
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Official Golf Tournament (Monday)
Safari Park (Monday) SOLD OUT Contact Megan (megan@naec.org) for wait list.
USS Midway Tour (Tuesday)
No Frills Golf Tournament (Wednesday) SOLD OUT Contact Megan (megan@naec.org) for wait list.

*Any optional activity not meeting minimum head count requirement may be subject to modification or cancellation.

USS Midway Tour (Tue)
NAEC Member Price:$70.00
Non-Member Price:$95.00
Offical Golf Tournament (Mon)
NAEC Member Price:$165.00
Non-Member Price:$190.00
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